Django REST Framwork In Depth!

Django REST Framework in Depth!

I’ve always insisted on leveraging the maximum power of the tools, frameworks, and packages we use in our projects. Whether it’s the Python itself or DRF as a 3rd party package.

Why does it even matter?
Well, the less code you have in your project the less the maintenance and tests you need, which resolves in more quality sleep at night. (Less engineering nightmares!)

And I’m gonna do a full walk through of Django REST Framework package to show you all the gifts we’re given and how to write better DRF codes.

For now, I’ve planned to do it from the user’s perspective, something like:
1. Routers
2. ViewSets
4. Serializers
5. Tests

There will be some topics that will come to my mind throughout our journey and I will do my best to write about all of the DRF package.

I’ll keep updating this post with the series posts, so stay tuned!

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